Welcome to the website from 'homestay Khajuraho countryside' bed and breakfast, a brand new bed and breakfast in beautiful India.

The bed and breakfast was built in 2017 by the Dutchman John Dummer. He went on vacation in this beautiful region of India years ago and immediately fell in love with this beautiful country and its inhabitants.

He started his bed and breakfast in Khajuraho early 2018. There he will receive his guests very hospitable and inform them about this country and in particular the many possibilities of the environment. The distance to the center with the western temple complex is over 2 km. This is within walking distance (20 minutes). If desired, you can also use the tuktuk.
Visitors can use the veranda, the balcony, the terrace (ground floor and roof terrace) and a small library.
We speak Dutch, English, German and Hindi.

The story of Lalta
Lalita is a quirky, independent and exceptionally sensual goddess, also known as Kameshvari ("Empress of desire"). At the same time she is the fully devoted wife of the Supreme Lord Shiva, who is pure consciousness. She exists in an eternal state of perfect harmony, always benevolent, her eyes moist with compassion for all beings. Lalita is depicted in the yoga tradition as a voluptuous young woman with five arrows made of flowers with long stalk, a bow made of sugar cane, a noose and a spine. The arrows are our five senses and the bow with which they are sent is our spirit. When our senses are offered to the Goddess and our thoughts are focused on the divine, our lives become sweet and fragrant. But when we let go the spiritual, Lalita gently pricks us with her spine. If we resist her mild suggestion to continue in our spiritual unfoldment, she catches us with her noose and drags us, as misbehaving children, back to her lap.